The view

Looking out from the cockpit of the Ultima Thule you can see a large orange gas giant, which the ship is orbiting. Far off in the distance, to starboard, an acceleration node hangs in space, slowly turning. The node is a blue, metallic, dodecahedral frame, rotating around a spherical core. Stars slowly wheel past the windows giving a strange sense of motion.

The console in front of you is black and glassy. Beneath its surface, several virtual buttons illuminate with a hazy green glow. On the console, to the right of the buttons, sits a small metallic cube with a grille along the front. The side facing you has a vertical strip of red LEDs that flash on and off seemingly at random, as though the device is processing information.

When you press one of the buttons on the console—which are labeled About, Sample, Sebastian, Aryx, and Author—an infoslate appears, displaying the article in glowing green text.