SpecOps Agent Sebastian Thorsson is an agent no longer. The prestigious tech and xenoarchaeology organisation demands new recruits make discoveries of scientific merit to earn their place. Unfortunately for Sebastian, it has come to light he has made no such discovery.

An acceleration node repair mission seems like the perfect opportunity for him and Aryx to perform groundbreaking research and restore their freedoms, until an ambush spells disaster for the pair.

When their friends combine forces to help, they inadvertently trigger a chain of events that threaten to expose everything they strive to protect, and unleash a legendary enemy against a planet they cannot defend.


Telamon is the final book in the Synthesis:Weave trilogy, and is available now.


Rexx Deane brings us Telamon, the third instalment in his charming and very cool Synthesis:Weave series. Telamon is another solid piece of sci-fantasy that is stuffed with technological wonder, laced with mysticism, packed with strange worlds and races, and bursting with excitement. But this entry earns its place as my favourite so far because it has something else: heart.

— Michael Morar, author of Cydonia

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Telamon is a triumph in this trilogy. Well-built, thoughtful characters will draw you in, make you cheer them on with their achievements and worry for them when they are in Peril. You will find yourself unable to it put down as you fight besides them for their survival and friendships.

— Fuchsia Aurelius

The story starts like a ship out of an acceleration node as Deane’s oh-so believably human characters stumble towards saving the universe again.

— Chris Picknett

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Telamon is available to buy in all formats, both digital and physical.


  • Paperback: 978-1-8383237-0-7
  • Hardback: 978-1-8383237-1-4
  • eBook: 978-0-9931773-9-2