A tsunami on a space station.
An explosion with no trace of the bomber.

Cyber-security expert Sebastian knows evidence doesn’t magically disappear, yet when he and his colleague Aryx, a disabled ex-marine, travel the galaxy to find the cause, there seems to be no other explanation.

Can they unravel the mystery before his family, home, and an entire race succumbs to an ancient foe?


Synthesis:Weave second edition was released on 18th of August 2018. The prequel short story, Synthesis:Pioneer, is also available on Kindle and other ebook formats. Afterglow, the sequel to Synthesis:Weave is now available for preorder in eBook formats.


Science fiction, Jim, but not as you know it.
It takes skilful writing to mix magic with science whilst moving a detective story smoothly through space. Somehow, this has been achieved in a believable and satisfying journey, where heroes are not necessarily humanoid nor fully mobile.
It feels thoroughly researched and never warps into wild fantasy, keeping its feet solidly in fiction.
A fast-moving book that grips the reader and doesn’t follow a linear plot line but where the author, literally, weaves all of the threads together in an exciting climax.

— M Poynton

This is a great story, fusing sci fi; sci fantasy; detective and mysticism to excellent effect. Very well worth reading! It kept my attention throughout and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

— V Mitchell

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Synthesis:Weave is in its second edition, published 18th August 2018. You may still find first edition paperback and hardcover formats elsewhere.


  • Paperback: 978-0-9931773-4-7
  • Hardback: 9978-0-9931773-5-4
  • eBook: 978-0-9931773-3-0