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Synthesis:Pioneer – audiobook released!

I am pleased to announce that the audiobook of Synthesis:Pioneer has been released and is available on Audible and Amazon.

I wanted to do something for those unable to read the ebook and, being aware that the text-to-speech readers many blind and partially sighted users have to use can sound utterly awful, I thought it best to narrate the book myself so that I could convey the correct mood.

There is no fancy background music or sound effects, just plain narration. I hope that my readers find my voice pleasant enough to listen to for twenty minutes.

If you wish, you can download the eBook from Amazon, Google Play, or Kobo.

Synthesis:Pioneer – a short story prequel to the novel Synthesis:Weave

When Calendula accepted the post of linguist aboard the Fluorescent Lightingale, she felt as though she’d been accepted as a token crew member. Little did she know what pivotal role she would play in Earth’s future.

This audiobook and ebook is available from major ebook outlets.

Narrated by Rexx Deane –
Recorded at AR Studios –

Copyright 2017 Forcefield Publishing