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Promo photoshoot

Check out the ‘making of’ videos on Youtube:

Shorter video showing how footage was used to make the cover.

As Aryx looked out at the landscape, he couldn’t think of a more idyllic place in which to die …aryx-cliffwithtree



My partner, Kris (founder of Wheely Good Fitness), upon whom the wheelchair using character from Synthesis:weave, Aryx Trevarian, is based, recently suggested putting together a collection of promotional photographs representative of key scenes from the book. Having an adventurous streak, Kris suggested recreating one of the most strenuous scenes.


Aryx must climb a cliff – this is no mean feat, given that he is a double-amputee and must carry his survival equipment, backpack, and wheelchair with him, as these are things too valuable to leave behind on a potentially hostile alien world.


To recreate this we decided to go to an indoor climbing centre ( The Warehouse, Gloucester) where Kris would scale the wall with a backpack and his wheelchair in tow. Though Kris is a wheelchair user, unlike Aryx Kris still has his legs but is unable to use them effectively due to the pain and discomfort caused by his condition. To counteract this and take his legs out of the equation, we rigged up a method of suspending his lower legs, rendering them inoperable, enabling him to use his upper legs in the same way that Aryx would, being an amputee. This resulted in Kris balancing on a seat-stick and crutches while the staff at the climbing centre aided him in his initial ascent by holding the wheelchair away from the wall (which was attached to him via a long belt as in the scene) and giving him an initial pull.


Kris continued to climb while I filmed and took photos. With several hours of painstaking work, we cut out the images and found appropriate backgrounds upon which to place him. Obviously his lower legs and supporting ropes were edited out.



The same image used here, flipped, with a different background.

overhangng wind sculpted sandstone cliffs on the grose valley, blue mountains national park


An impression of Aryx in his wheelchair. What are the legs? You’ll have to read the book to find out …



Original video including climb setup (long)