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Plotting is such sweet sorrow

In a departure from the plotting of my first book two years ago – which consisted of me putting down notes in order and inserting plot points – this time I began with a set of notes consisting of backstory, random scene outlines, bits of dialogue, and a couple of detailed scenes.

Unfortunately – and not for the first time – writer’s block struck and my mind ground to a halt, unable to stitch it together. There was a thread of plot somewhere amongst it all, but without cutting it apart and laying it on the floor, I couldn’t see the wood for the trees (or the shit for the shovel, as one of my characters would say). Eventually it all started to make some kind of warped sense. The things my subconscious had decided were going to happen in the book finally rose to the surface, the blockage was unclogged, and whatever horrible reluctance I had to work on the story moved out of the wayplot-disarray1