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Giveaway: International Day of Persons with Disabilities – 3rd December 2015

To mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Synthesis:Weave will be available free on Kobo and Google Play between 30th November and 6th December. There is also a giveaway for one hardback copy running on Goodreads until January.

I am unable to give the book away for free on Kindle, however the price will drop to 99p/$0.99 during the week on Amazon.

If you miss the giveaway, or wish to purchase a Kindle or physical copy, see the front page for links from which to purchase a copy.


As one of the main protagonists, Synthesis:Weave features Aryx Trevarian, a double amputee and wheelchair user. Unlike what happens in the majority of mainstream Sci-Fi, Aryx’s disability isn’t fixed or repaired by futuristic technology. He develops a workaround that allows him to overcome certain obstacles in rough terrain, but it’s far from suitable for daily use, thus he still has to use his wheelchair.

Many wheelchair-using readers have found the book to present a positive and respectful view of disability, and it is for this reason I am giving away the book for free during the week of International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

A wheelchair user also took part in a photoshoot for the cover and image below by climbing a wall at a climbing centre. You can watch the video and see the photos here.

Scope are also having a book giveaway, and a signed hardback copy of Synthesis:Weave is included …