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Enabling Microsoft Teams (not enabled for your tenant error)

Since the outbreak of COVID19, many people have been forced to move their workflows online. One of the tools promising to help with this is Microsoft Teams.

As part of my day job, I use Office365. Since my company has a subscription to that platform, they automatically get access to Teams. Unfortunately, when I tried to deploy it, every time I log in I get a message saying teams is not enabled for my tenant.

There are numerous help documentation pages detailing how to get it working, but none of the fixes worked for me until I stumbled across this page:

The key part is this, “Turn Teams on or off for your entire organization”

I thought I’d followed those instructions, since I have access to the teams admin centre and teams shows up with users enabled. I’d gone through a process of adding a new security group and assigning that as a teams group, with users added to it, but none of that worked. It wasn’t until I noticed the part about disabling the “Try the new admin center” option.

Firstly, sign into your admin centre for office 365. You’ll need to find the settings area that enables you to turn on add-ins.

Clicking add-ins shows that none are enabled (note the toggle switch in the top right for the new admin centre).

Turning off the toggle setting for the admin centre changes the display to this:

If you now locate the settings/add-ins options again, you’ll be able to search for the teams add in:

When you click it, it should be showing as disabled for your organisation. You can turn it on here by clicking the toggle switch below the license type. You can then re-enable the new style admin area if you wish. The change can take up to 24 hours, but it worked for me within an hour of enabling it and I was able to sign into teams properly.