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After 4 years work, Afterglow, Synthesis:Weave 2 is finally available for preorder! Due for launch on the 1st of March 2019 to coincide with International Wheelchair Day, Afterglow follows the continuing adventures of Aryx and Sebastian as they attempt to uncover the forces behind the ITF terrorist organisation.

Afterglow cover

I had originally intended to launch Afterglow much earlier in the year, but after re-reading Synthesis:Weave, I realised that I ought to rewrite it to bring it up to the same standard of writing that I’d progressed to while writing Afterglow. The rewrite of SW took several months, but I’m glad I did it.

Recent discussions in the media about whether disabled actors should be prioritised to play disabled roles in movies have never been more relevant, and once again I have to thank disabled model Kris Saunders (Kris Saunders-Stowe) for playing Aryx on the cover. While he isn’t a genuine double-amputee, he does live with a degenerative joint condition, making him a genuine wheelchair user. If I should ever have the great fortune to sell the film rights to the Synthesis:Weave series, it will be on the proviso that a disabled actor be cast in the role of Aryx.

Additional thanks go to Loopwheels, for allowing me to use their wheelchair wheel design, and also to Frog Legs Inc. who provided me with the base model for the wheelchair’s casters, thus saving me many hours’ work that would have been spent modelling them from scratch. The chair itself is based on the Cyclone XLR8 (no longer in production) and is the chair Kris used on two separate occasions to complete the London Marathon.

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